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For Groups, Families, Couples

Managing the dynamic between two or more people takes willpower and energy. Whether it is in private or at work we navigate connections and intimacy without a guidebook. And that is challenging, to say the least. Each member of the group comes with their own story, reactions, and habits. And it is only by going through the process of making a connection that we unravel those stories and try to fit in with our own. 

Such a beautiful thing and yet can be so difficult to handle. I am here to offer support in navigating the magical waters of group dynamics. Together, we can explore communication patterns, behaviors, and the different ways people connect with each other.

I tailor the coaching process SPECIFICALLY to you. It is a creative process that can change as we go through the sessions as we can never accurately predict what will come up. Here is an outline of what you can expect from me: 

  • 60 to 90 minutes per session

  • 3 to 9 sessions per coaching package

  • Several sessions focused solely on systemic work/family constellations

  • Weekly online sessions

  • Games, questionnaires, visualizations, and meditations (to name a few)

Benefits from working on your relationship with others:

  • Feeling power and pride from your place in the group

  • Next-level self-expression and awareness

  • New insight and understanding

  • Improved collaboration and productivity

  • Clarity on your values and desires regarding a group member(s)

  • Rekindling the fire (for existing intimate relationships)

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